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New stuff

December, 25,2013 Updated the Sonoma racer page. The season got off to a rough start. It took longer to finish the truck than I'd planned and battled quite a few mechanical issues later on that resulted in missed events. Eventually, things started falling in line and the season finished out on a positive note. I just finished doing some preventative maint. and winterizing the sonoma and am ready to go for next year already!

Will be purchasing a new trailer this winter as well. It's been a LONG time coming.......

Stay tuned!

Here's the current focus of my attention in action:

My 2000 GMC Sonoma ZQ8. Originally a 2.2 4cly auto. Now re-powered with the 406 from the 'Bu as well as the Super T-10 trans. There'll be more detail on it on the 2000 GMC Sonoma V8 racer" page in the next few day (hopefully.....)

About Me

Hey there! Welcome to the website of a guy who is seriously addicted to all things involving horsepower. Phantom Cat Motorsports is the facade under which I build, maintain, and sometimes drive race cars. The name Phantom Cat was inspired by the manga and anime "Geobreeders" by Akihiro Ito. Phantom Cats are the anit-heros of the story. "Phantom Cat" just sounded cool to me, so I decided to use it as the base for my racing operations name.  I've been involved in motorsports for some time now, in a variety of classes, like Ruff Trucks, Mudd Bogging, Circle Track, Scramble racing, and  the occasional Demolition Derby. 

Currently I 'm, I suppose you could say, technical consultant on my brothers pure stock car that he races at Owosso Speedway. As for myself, I'm into Autocrossing, Track Days and Drifting.... Most of the sports I've tried previously, I was always out spent. I just didn't have the funds to have enough motor to be competitive. The thing I like the most about what I'm into now is how much you spend doesn't dictate your success!

What follows this is a little info on the other pages of my site. Again, welcome and thanks for checking out my site. See-Ya' at the races!  

2000 GMC Sonoma: Purchased as the 'Bu's replacement, it has received quite a few of the 'Bu's parts. Engine, trans, most of the front suspension, and the rear discs. Currently under going major revision this winter. Among the plans is a 3-link rear suspention with a panhard bar and coil-overs, a full front to rear cage, and sone weight reduction.

81 Malibu Drift car: My first real "Hot Rod". Originally built because I wanted to try my hand at drifting, I began running a lot of autocrosses with it, with some success I might add, as well as Track Days. A hard hit @ Speedrift 15 a few years ago, along with being a "rustbelt" car I deemed the car no longer safe for what I used it for. It's soul as well as a lot of other parts have been transplanted into the '00 Sonoma I now use.

87 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe: Photos and info about my buddys SS we built. Primaliy built for Autocross and cruising, I'd love to talk him into trying some tandem drifting with me and my malibu........That'd be bad ass!!

Toys and projects: Vehicles that I use for my own fun and amusement as well as cars that I'm currently involved with. 

Pipie dreams: Stuff I'd like to build if/when I win the lottery......

Anime and stuff: This page is about my appreciation of Japanese animation and manga(one word, catgirls!), some stuff about my figure collection and some other related stuff (another word, Bunnygirls!)as well as a link to what's in my DVD collection and a few links to anime websites. This page is kinda undergoing reconstruction(it's going slowly...)***** Updated 05-29-10 minor figure stuff****

Videos: videos of my Malibu in action, also a good burnout video of the '87 Monte SS.

Photos:  Past and present stuff

Past racing efforts: Photos and information on the more noteworthy cars that I've been involved with.


Well, here it is! My Drift Car! ......What?...No Really! This is the conversation I have when I tell people that I'm going to build a 81' Chevy  Malibu 4-door for a drift car. I paid $400 for it, less engine and trans. It's already set up for a small block V-8 and it's REALLY soild. There is alot of aftermarket parts for this body style. Technicaly, GM called them A-bodys. G and A bodys are the same chassis', component wise. We circle track racers also call 'em Metric Cars. It's powered by a 11.25 to 1 compression 406, putting 327hp & 427 ftlbs at the wheels, backed by a super T-10 wide ratio 4 speed, sending the power to a 7.5 10-bolt w/ a 3.08 gear, Auburn Pro series diff, and Moser axles. Full urethane suspension bushings, racing springs, boxed upper and lower control arms (front and back), and Monte SS front and rear swaybars round out the suspension mods.  Interior has been gutted and a six point cage with Kirkey alum seats and RCI harness' installed. I'm running it on E85. Full dress it weighs 3276 lbs. The thing I like so much about, is that it doesn't look like the kind of car you'd see at an autocross, drift event, or track day. Most people would never expect a car like this to be a fast car. It has a pedestrian, rental car look to it. That's why it's SO COOL in my book. It's the consumate sleeper!