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Pipe dreams

Exactly what the title reads. If ever manage to get a decent job and get ahead financialy or win the lottery, these are some of the cars I'd love to build. Because I like to steer clear of the status quo, you'll see some very unusual vehicles here. Of course I dig weird stuff, I do race a 4-door Malibu after all........

V8 Cadillac Catera

Since it'll be a while before I can afford a CTSV, I thought " I wonder if a LS will fit a Catera?". Seeing as how I love to defy the conventional wisdom, I almost think I'd rather have one of these instead of a CTSV. After doing some research, I found out that Lingenfelter did a few engineering mules, but decided to pass on offering a package for the Catera. I guess joining the LS's ECM to the wiring to the European "Omega" chassis was a pain... But it did fit. I'm thinking a L92 or maybe a LS2 w/ LS3 heads would be the ticket. I like the L92 best, because of its alum block and rect. port heads. Back it with a 6-speed and i'd be good to go. I've seen lots of Catera's on craigslist around Detroit for cheap(like $1000 and under) usually with blown head gaskets, but in excellent shape. This is some sort of concept or tuner version in this photo, but I love the look!

This is a photo of a L92/LS3 hybrid by Mast Motorpsorts. 530 hp on pump gas should do the trick, don't 'ya think? If I ever get around to this I'll probably buy a L92 take-out and change over to a LS3 intake. The truck intake is too tall to clear the hood and kinda ugly. Fabricate some headers and 3-1/2" single exhaust w/ a "Top-40" 2-chamber Flowmaster would sound awesome!

And then there's the option of a supercharger at some point. Magnuson makes a bunch of sweet ones that could make sick power.

Mid 80's Cadillac Coupe Deville

Cadillac Sedan Deville drift/track day car....

This would be best suited for an open, fast course. Probably a hand full to drive, but a HELL of a lot of fun! I'd clip the front using 'Vette C5/6 suspension geometry and use a "truck arm" style system in the rear. So, take this:

Power it with this, a 572 cu in monster from Smeding Perf. making 900hp on pump gas:

Backed with this, a 1000 ft. lbs rated T56 from Rockland Standard Gear:

Rolling on these, Dayton Wires:

That shit would be tite! Maybe paint it candy pink with a white vynil top, make it look like a pimps ride. 'Makes me giggle thinking what it would be like chasing some ricer around running tandem with this monster. It would be epic.

Chevy Vega

Another drift/track day car. I've always had a thing for Vegas. My mom had one WAY back in the 70's and I really dig the styling, especially the earlier ones that resembled little camaros. Full tube frame using more C5/6 suspension in front and truck arm out back, rolling on 275's in the front and 315/335's out back. I even see visions of this being AWD using a Quaife 4WD trans(what an engineering feat that would be!)

Take one vega:

Powered by a blown alum 427 LS(this from Katech, a 700hp monster running on pump gas!)

Or maybe an Ecotec turbo4                     


Rolling on something like these, 17x9's front and 17x13-13's out back:

Quaife 4WD transaxle:

The bummer is I don't think it's rated for a whole lot of power, being it's from England and they don't have a lot of 700hp LS's running around. Could probably get one custom made for the right price........

Could you imagine a car the size of a Vega powered by a 700hp, pump gas All-alum LS in an AWD chassis with 275's and 335's? Gives me chills just thinking about it.......

AWD Chevy truck

Okay, this one's really out there! I've always loved the engineering challenge this would be. A late 90's Chevy Truck(because of the straight clean boddy lines). Another reason for a truck is because of packaging issues with all the plumbing and duct work. Radiator would end up in the bed and the aftercooler would go up front. All the other coolers would go in the bed as well. There, it would be easy to get air ducted to them. It would be choppped 4", sectioned 3", and painted black to give it the "Big Evil" look. Full tube frame with (suprise!) C5/6 suspension geometry and a four link with a watts locator out back. Ford 9" out back and up front. Use a housing that was cut WAY down to about 18-24" total length for the front. Front axles like what desert trucks use(don't know what they're called, but they're WAY trick!). The engine would be an Alum twin turbo EFI 572" Big Block Chevy. Nelson Racing Engines has one that will make 2000hp on race gas and 1300 on pump. As to what trans/transfer case that would hold up to this sort of power?, I've no idea....... It would be done in a minimalist style, just the bare nessesities. A monster of a race car with turn signals. Sorry, couldn't find any photos of a chopped, sectioned truck, so you'll just have to use your imagination:

I love this style of wheel. Here, I'd use 17x11's w/ 315's up front and 17x13's w/ 335's out back. Tires would be race tires of course.

Grattan Raceway has this 3000' straightway. I love the idea of getting a good run off the last corner onto the straight and hearing this monster tearing-assing down its length. What a sound and sight it would be. Upwards of 2000hp at full song!