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86 Chevy Cavalier mini stock

This car was my first race car that I completely built from scratch. Powered by a mildly modified 2.0 four cylinder, it wasn't exactly a rocket ship, compared to cars I've driven in the past, but it was fun and easy to drive. Despite the tendency for FWD cars to push in the corners, I was able to make this car neutral with the suspension changes that I'd made. I put a lot of time and money into building this car and I'm very happy with the way this car turned out. I've yet to see a better built one. After racing it one season I'd concluded that circle track racing wasn't my gig. The new owner will be running it with his son driving in Missouri on dirt.

ARA Late Model stock car owned by Catamount Motorsports

This car is owned by a friend I meet at the racing fab. school that I attended in N.C. He bought it as a rolling chassis. The top left photo was taken at a late season pratice day after we finished assembling it. The other photos are of the car during a major rebuild and painting over the winter of 2000-2001. I had to replace alot of sheet metal in the interior and the crush panels. Then we had to strip the chassis to paint it. I re-wired the entire car, fabricated the radiator duct work and the bumpers, re-hung the body, as well as a whole lot of other work. the last photo of the car(wearing the #7) was taken early 2001. I never had a chance to see it run completed, because I had moved back to Michigan by then.

Mustang Mini-Stock

I don't remember what year this car was, but it was owned by the guy we rented shop space from for the late model. When we got our hands on the car, the front end had just about been wiped off. After repairing that and rebuilding the engines top end, we got to run the car a couple of times and ran well, but alwasy got tangled up in other drivers mistakes(crashed). This was taken at Tri-county speedway in Lenor, N.C. That's me on the left.

1979 Buick Riviera w/ 350 Chevrolet engine

This is the car that started it all, I guess. We'd been running scrambles and crazy-8s for a few years and noticed how well these full size front drives would do in the heat races, but couldn't get it done in the features, due to the olds 307s not having enough power. So, My brother and I decided to see if a chevy small block would fit, and it did! Six months and a whole lot of fabrication later this is what the result was. To do this swap I had to make an oil pan, use a small dia. flexplate(due to the th325 having a small bellhousing), fabricate engine and transaxle mounts, relocate the oil filter, and modify the radiator core support to accept a radiator capable of cooling 300 hp. Of couse this swap opened a pandoras box of problems. cv axles were contantly breaking, and we even had a transaxle case crack. We ended up fabricating tie rod assemblys out of chomemoly tubing, weld in threaded inserts and 3/4 steel spherical rod ends, because the OEM tie rods were failing constantly as well. This car and the toronado that came after would wear out idler arms regularly as well. The car turned out rather well, especialy considering the fact that I'd never done a project of this magnitude prior to this. There were a few design problems that showed up in time that we addressed on the second generation unit that I built, the 85 olds toronado.

85 Olds Toronado Scramble car with small block chevy power


This is my brothers 85 Olds Toronado scramble car that I built. This photo was taken at the cars first race. By the end of five seasons of racing, it looked like something from the Mad Max movies. The sides and back end were all smashed and most of the front fenders had been cut off, because they were so severely damaged. A scramble car is very basic car. Ours, however, are really over-engineered, over-powered demo derby cars. This car I affectionatly refered to as "The Toro". It mixed the best of both worlds in a scramble car. Front drive traction and alot of power! This car we swapped in a 290hp 355 cubic inch small block chevy. Nice and fast, but the cv axles and transaxle didn't deal very well with all the horsepower. This was our most sucessful car to date in terms of wins. This was the second of three fwd chevy v-8powered cars that I built.

78 Cadillac Eldorado scramble car with 406 small block chevy

This car I called "Battillac",becuse it was huge, strong and mowed down anything that got in its way, at least when it wasn't breaking driveline parts. Unfortunately this is the only picture of this car I have. That's my helmet on the left. Take a momment and look at the horizon in the photo.... Figure it out? Yup,the car is on its side! I sat so low in this car that it was hard to see the the dirt berms that enclose the track, so I managed to drive up on one and put the car on its side. This is the third chevy powered FWD car. It was powered by a 406 cubic inch engine that was good for 420 hp and 525 ft. lbs. of torque. This monster had an insatisble appetite for cv axles. Of the the four times this car ran it destroyed four axles in three races.