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My toys and current projects

These are the vehicles that I'm currently involved with

1985 Chevy K20 4X4 Mud Toy

This is my former ruff truck/ race car hauler. I gave up ruff truck racing after the cab mounts got trashed and I bent a front axle. And being that I no longer own a race car so it will now be used as a mud bogger and for recreational off-roading. It has a Kenwood/Rockford fosgate sound system and dual batteries with an isolator. A 406 small block chevy now powers it, with vortec heads, a 750 holley, performer RPM intake, and a 280H comp cam puting out 420 hp and 525 ft. lbs. of torque, backed by a 700r4 built with a bunch of B&M and TCI parts. The lift comes from a six inch skyjacker four spring system(no blocks!)and a two inch body lift. The axles hold 4.56 gears and an auburn limited-slip in front and a detroit locker in back. For general use it rolls on 35" BFG A/Ts' and 35" Boggers for the mud. I finally got out to "The Mounds" of Genesse county in November and four-wheeling wasn't as fun as I remembered. So, I have decided to sell it this spring to help finance the drift car I want to build. **********This was recently sold to finance the drift car, should be moved to the past racing page......I'll get around to it some day.*********

1985 Chevy Caprice Pure Stock circle track car

This is a Pure Stock car we campaign at Owosso Speedway. The 2006 season was a long one, filled with a few ups, but a whole lot of downs. We learned quite a bit, which is usually one does in the first season. Upgrades for the 2007 season include a new motor and trans. I'm very happy with the car overall, we've managed to get a fabulous chassis under the car, we're just a little short on power. Edit: After finishing well in the points the last few years, My brother won the championship in his class this year! WAY TO GO!!!!!

Here's a picure at practice. I used to jump in a wheel it a little until I slapped it off the front strech wall. I figured it would be best if I didn't wreck my brothers first race car, so I opted to not drive it anymore. He finished 11th in points despite missing about half the season. With a fresh engine, I think things will go much better this season

Update(8/26/2007). We built a new engine for the car and are now quite competitive. Second fast qualifier first night out! There are a few details to workout yet, but We're getting close. Just in time for the end of the season.

04/07/08 - The new engine last year made a world of difference. We just replaced the heads with rebuilt units that should help even more. Goin' to pre-season test and tune next weekend. Well the engine WAS awesome until a valve float issue came to a head when the head fo an exhaust valve broke off and resulted in a broken rod, cam, block, basicaly destroyed the engine. The back up engine, which wasn't built for the RPM the car is run at, lasted almost the rest of the year until it gave up the ghost.

04/28/2011 - After four years of battle, it's come to look like it was in a bad accident. Over the three weeks, I cut the body off, re-did the front and back ends, added rub rails, and hung a new body. It looks awesome and I'm really happy with it. Check it out:

With body cut off

Build progress. Start to finish:

All that's left is some color as soon as My brother can decide on one.......

67/69 Camaro custom

Here's a 67/69 Camaro that I'm currently working on. It was a rusted out P.O.S. that the owner cut the front and rear sub-frames out of and replaced them with ones from a 99 Z28. I'm finishing up the "corvette style" front hinging hood. The hinges took a while to hammer out the design with the spacial contraints I was working with, but they turned out awesome. Check it out:

Next is the wipers, some sort of dash to hold some gauges, power window, and some other stuff I can think of at this time...

70's Pontiac Grand Prix

This is an early 70's Grand Prix that my brother and I are doing a restoration on for a customer. The car looked pretty good until it was dicovered that some previous repair work had been quite cobbled. I've ended up doing the quarter panel you see here as well as the trunk floor, sail panel, major L.H front floor pan, minor R.H front floor pan, some rear seat floor pan patches, rear window opening patches, and L.H rear wheel opening repair.

Update!!!!!!! After working on this since November '06. IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!