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Sorry, I just love this GIF.......

These two aren't really catgirls in the show, but what do I care? They're catgirls here. Good 'nuff for me.

Anime and stuff

I tell people anime found me, because I wasn't looking for it. I found it one night after working on a race car, I couldn't fall asleep, so I watched some TV for a bit. I happened across a show on Cartoon Network that was the craziest thing I'd ever seen. It was FLCL. Prior to this, I'd seen Akira and Ghost in the shell, both awesome movies in their own right. A few weeks after viewing FLCL, I was at Best Buy looking at PS2 games (this was like five or six years ago....), not finding anything interesting, I went one isle over and found the anime section. Goddamn, I'd no idea there was soo much! I bought Gad Guard vol1 and GITS TV vol1. They were awesome shows. From here there was no turning back. I've seen shows that had much impact on me, left me speechless, and even cried. Just to name a few, Black Lagoon, Eva, Gunslinger Girl, Elfen Lied(maybe my fav.), Clannad, and the list goes on and on. You can click on a link at the bottom of this page to a list of my collection. I've fallen behind keeping it updated, but am nearing 400 entries (not 400 titles though....). Anymore, I watch pretty much nothing but anime.

I have all sorts of anime goods. A few hug pillows, cels(seen below), art books, wall scrolls, posters, bed sheets(yes, I said bed sheets....), hats, t-shirts, and other odds and ends. Maybe some day I'll get them photo'd. The hug pillows and bed sheets? When I get around to getting my own house, I'm going to make one room the "shrine of my anime dorkness". The hug pillows will be in shadow boxes(also to be used with wall scrolls) and the sheets will go on beds that are not for sleeping in.

The crew

This is the figure that started it all. Eimi Oba of Comic Party.













I got her at JFAX, an anime convention held at GVSU. Well, not techinicaly a convention, but it's easier to call it that than what they call it..... I was wandering the booths in between showings, stopped at one and picked her up. The guy working the booth says," That would look great in your collection!" Little did he know I, in fact, didn't have one. The sticker read $29.95, but I replied, "Oh yeah?, How much?". He said, "$20 bucks.". "Sold" was my reply. And from that it's turned into this:

I don't have a large room to begin with and it's gotten so large I have to take two pictures of the collection to get it all in. This is probably a little more than half of the collection, but there are many more yet in storage. And I have ten or eleven on order....... The second from bottom shelf is all anthropomorphic girls and most are catgirls at that. Luckily I don't think my family ever visits my website. If they did they'd see the depths to which my otakuness runs to and hold an intervention. I can see it now....."If you don't break this addiction, you'll never find yourself a good girl to marry....". Looking forward to getting my own house sometime in late 2014. I'm gonna have one room just for the anime stuff.


Usagi-chan no Cue

These are a couple of DVD cover shots(I think....) from Usagi-chan no Cue. This is my new fan-service favorite! Chock full of images of upskirts, jiggly breasts(some nude), and general cute hottness courtesy of the four female leads, Inaba, Mimika, Miku, and Koshka(although Inaba and Mimika share a body). It's an interesting plot line, but it'll take too long to explain, so your on your own there. I found it on an anime fansub site called "crunchy roll" and absolutly loved it. Aside from the fan-service, it really was quite good and funny. I searched out a torrent for this show, downloaded it and burned it to a DVD for my own use, so I can watch it on the big screen. Not exactly legal, but it's not licensed here in the states, so what am I supposed to do? Buy a region 2 player and try to find the R2 DVD's in a country half way around the word? No way! If you only knew how much the Japanese pay for their DVD's! Oh, Yeah! Best of all? It has the HOTTEST catgirl I've ever seen,Koshka. Here's a few shots of her:

There is also a pretty damn good fight scene between Koshka and Inaba. One of the better I've seen, especialy for a three episode OVA. Check out Koshka's leg sweep of Inaba:

Here's some of that fan service I was talking about:

Anime cels

Here are a few cels that I have. These first two are from Karin, a romantic comedy about an unusual high school student who happens to be a vampire. Luckily, Funimation rescued the rights from those bastards at Geneon, after their U.S. operation ran agound and finished the series.

This a line drawing from Karin. Being it was a CG anime, there are no cels used, just these line drawings called douga, genga, or layouts. Which is which, I dont know.... Anyways this is of Karin

This is Karins Grandmother, Elda


These next three are from Usagi-chan no Cue(sometimes spelled Usagi-chan de Cue...). The blond haired Bunnygirl is Mimika and the brunett is Inaba.

I also gave a cel from Di-Gi Charat, that I'll get around to photographing sometime and a fan-cel of Rei Ayanami with Unit-0 from Neon Genisis Evangelion.



Fiercely Cute!

I found this image wandering the internet. It was posted at by Shuugo. The hottie (whose name I've been unable to find out) is from the H-manga " Angelical Pendulum" by Matora Miran. I use it as wallpaper on the computer at work and whenever I have a second I'll stop and marvel at it for a moment. There's something really appealing about it. She's an angel dressed in black, albeit very little black, with a couple of semiauto handguns. I find it very, very cool.

Well, it was used as wallpaper. I was asked by the manager to remove it, due to it's racy  appearance. It's cool though, because I thought it was pushing the limits of being "work safe" anyways........

A link to my Anime DVD collection

If you are as much a fan of catgirls as I, check out this website!: