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Dave's Aerocoupe Cone-killer

Here's my buddy Dave's 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe. We built it as a cruiser and autocrosser. He also competed in Car Crafts Real Street Eliminator event. See Car Crafts's Jan '10 issue for the details.

The 2011 autocross season was a rough one for the car, as it was down due to a leaking hyd clutch throwout, which resulted in  new clutch, then the engine had to be pulled and the short block all but rebuilt because of some hack machine work performed by a shop that I'm temped to name but won't...... Then there was the F.A.S.T. EZ-EFI that we could never get to work right. When we gave up and bolted the carb back on, it fired right up despite having sat in a bag in the garage for a year and even ran better...... Now every thing's looking up and hopfully he can make it to a track day for some REAL fun!

His car is powered by .030 over 400 4-bolt block topped with vortec heads and a Weiand stealth air strike intake and a Holley 750 carb. Valve train consists of a Lunati VooDoo cam, Pro-form roller rockers. The rotating assembly is comprised of a Eagle crank, Scat steel rods, and KB hypereutectic pistons. Exhaust dumps out Dynomax full-length headers into a X-pipe and 2-1/2" duals from Jegs with two chamber Flowmasters. Sounds Bitchin!

Preceeded by an Aluminum Flywheel and Clutch Dynamics 8-pad 12" clutch, the drivetrain consists of a Richmond Gear 6-speed trans with a Long shifter, mounted with a Jegs crossmenber. Moser Axles, A Richmond 3.42 gear on an Auburn Pro-series differential fill out the axle .


Here's a shot of the re-located battery in the trunk. I refer to the trunk as "the mail slot", because the opening's about as big as a mail slot........  One good thing about that HUGE piece of glass sitting over the rear tires is it hooks up quite well.

The console finished with trim plate for the shift boot. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. It's cool we were able keep the stock console. We used F-body pedals on this car as well. Using 3rd. gen F-body pedals is the only way to go. An easy weld and drill two holes is required, and it bolts right in and lines up perfectly.

Couple of engine shots. The increased length of the SS nose allowed the aircleaners to be mounted behind the nose, unlike my car. A serpentine system is in the works to cleanup and simplify the engine compartment. Cooling is handled by a 19"X31" Jegs  alum. radiator,  A NAPA hi-flow water pump, and a big-ass Flex-a-lite electric fan. just below the master cylinder, you can see the line-loc solenoid, which makes for easy burnouts. One which you can see on the video page.

 This is of the 11" B-body brakes we installed on the front, Hotchkis upper control arms and springs, along Energy Suspension bushings everywhere

This is of the SSBC rear disc kit. This along with boxed upper and lower control arms with Energy Suspension bushings, a Hotchkis rear swaybar and springs.

This image the car is wearing the new 17" SS wheels from Year One w/ P255/45R17's. Theye were a HUGE improvment over the 15" pizza cutters.....

This car turned out very well. It possess excellent street manners and is a bit more friendly towards passengers than my car. The goal from the start was to build the SS Chevy should've built.